Tongzhou New Town


Beijing's next massive urban expansion is headed east to Tongzhou New Town — a district at the end of China's Grand Canal expected to grow by over one million people in the next 15 years.

In response to an international competition, SOM's Urban Design studio created a visionary and sustainable new master plan. Led by Thomas Hussey, the team's plan is centered on the canal, designed around people not cars, and woven with seven connected systems of water, nature, transit, energy, streets, culture, and diversity.

Thirst, led by John Pobojewski, was commissioned to tell the story of this complex project to an international jury. Our studio created three short films in Mandarin, as well as a distinct visual brand that featured custom Chinese characters of seven woven threads and seven motion capture figures.

John Pobojewski
Zach Minnich
Taek Hyun Kim