I was honored to lecture at both the SEEK Conference at Northern Illinois University and Mobile Processing Conference at UIC. Much thanks to Steve Quinn at NIU and Daniel Sauter at UIC for hosting me! My presentation at Mobile Processing is now online as well, if you’re interested.


Common Ground



I was honored to lecture at TEDxBGSU conference at Bowling Green State University, the first TEDx conference in Ohio. My fifteen minutes were spent advocating for making communication design the next R&D. Many thanks to all the students who did an incredible job organizing and running the conference. Watch my presentation here.

Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence Film + Soundscape

Hedrich Blessing Columbia College Chicago

Soundscape for Columbia College Chicago Film

Wikileaks: Thumb

The New York Times Week in Review


Video Art for Metallics

I’m honored to be a video artist with Fulcrum Point New Music Project this Friday, November 5th, 6 pm–7 pm, at the Claudia Cassidy Theater of the Chicago Cultual Center. Conductor and solo trumpeter Stephen Burns will be performing Metallics by Yan Maresz, a 12:00 tour de force featuring my ambient visualscape. If you happen to be around this weekend, admission is free, so please come and support this fantastic ensemble!

Click here for more information.

Mark Applebaum‘s Metaphysics of Notation DVD was just released on Innova Records. The disc includes a documentary film on the project by Robert Arnold, a mix of one-minute excerpts from each of the 45 performances (including the one of myself and Andy Bliss) in 5.1 DTS surround sound, and scrolling and still versions of the 70-foot pictographic score. Order the DVD here.